Covid 19 Booster Registration for DCC

We are currently in the process of registering all Covid19 Boosters given since December. We are not finished with all registrations just yet, it is a slow process and we are working as quickly as we can to get them done.  We are aiming to have all registrations complete in time for new travel regulations to come into effect on February 1st. Please be advised that even without a Booster, your existing Digital Covid Cert is valid in Ireland and most EU countries for up to 9months from Dose 2. This is different in some countries so please check up-to-date travel guidelines before you travel.

What to do if HSE are showing no record of your Booster?

If you have logged in to the HSE portal and it is not showing any record of a Booster you have had from us it likely means that your booster is not registered yet. However, registered Boosters may take up to 5 days to reconcile with the HSE. As above your existing DCC will remain valid for up to 9months without your Booster, but we appreciate that anyone who has had a booster will want that to appear on their DCC asap. If your Booster is not showing up and you have upcoming travel plans please contact us here so we can get your Booster registered in time for travel. If you do not have upcoming travel plans we ask that you please bear with us as we work through our registrations, your Cert will be issued automatically to the email address you gave us on booking or can be requested from the HSE after February 1st.