Women’s Health and Pregnancy

At Imokilly Medical Centre we have a female Practice Nurse and a female GP available for appointments. We can also offer a chaperone for exams with a male Doctor if you prefer. All of the GPs on our team have an interest in women’s health, if you have a concern that you don’t see listed on our website please call reception directly to book as we will be happy to help!

Well-woman Consultation

The Well-woman Consultation is a comprehensive health check up that we advise annually. The thorough appointment includes full bloods, an ECG, BP test, breast exam etc. It takes about 30mins and results are generally available around 7 days later. The Well-woman Consultation is €120 and is not covered by Medical Cards.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears are done at regular intervals based on your age and/or smear history. We advise all patients to check the cervical register online to make sure you are due your smear. If you are not due your smear but are symptomatic or are anyway concerned please call our reception team, we will be happy to help you in any way we can. We may also be able to facilitate a private smear, this can be discussed with reception.

Breast Checks

Your GP can preform a breast exam for you in the surgery. As stated above we have a female GP or female Practice Nurse available for your comfort.

Bone Health

Please speak to your GP if you have any concerns regarding osteoporosis or bone health. We are here to help and advise you with these concerns. Your GP will be able to refer you for further scans, such as a done density scan, if necessary.


Antenatal visits are given free of charge as per the HSE schedule. You will need to register on the Mother & Infant scheme for this and our reception team will arrange this on your first visit. Antenatal visits include your regular check ups as well as any vaccinations needed or the gestational diabetes check.

At Imokilly Medical Centre we are also here to support and guide you through a pregnancy loss. We can offer medical support in the Practice or refer you on to an aftercare support service.

Fertility/Hormonal concerns

Hormonal changes can have a significant impact at any stage of a woman’s life. We can offer support and resources from the onset of puberty right through to menopause and after. We also can facilitate fertility testing through blood tests or referrals to specialist consultants. We will be a support through what can be a sensitive and difficult time.

STI Checks

STI checks can be preformed in the Practice and are generally done by swabbing and blood tests. These appointments are not covered by Medical Cards and cost €75.


We can advise you on several different types of available contraception and help you choose the most suitable contraceptive for yourself. Contraceptive options available through Imokilly Medical Centre include the Oral Contraceptive Pill and the Contraceptive Implant. We can also advise and refer for the Mirena Coil. If you would like to discuss and contraceptive options please call our reception team to book a visit.

My Options

My Options is the unplanned pregnancy support service. Through My Options we can offer support for continuing with an unplanned pregnancy or for the termination of pregnancy. If you decide that you want to have a termination, we can provide you with information on abortion services. The decision you make about your abortion care will be between you and your doctor. Not all GPs will carry out a termination, this may be because they conscientiously object to termination of pregnancy. Conscientious objection is when medical staff refuse to take part in a procedure if it goes against their religious or moral beliefs. We will offer termination services to patients of other Practices for this reason.