Childhood Immunisation Schedule

As per the HSE. These vaccines are given from 2months old. For the listing of each vaccine given please contact the Practice. Full information and aftercare advice will be given on each appointment, any clinical concerns can be discussed with our Practice Nurse or administering Doctor.

Travel Vaccines

Please contact our reception team regarding your travel vaccines, you may first need a consultation with one of our GPs.

Seasonal Vaccines

Seasonal vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, will be available at certain times of year to those who qualify. To discuss or book a seasonal vaccine please call our reception team.

Private and Occupational Vaccines

We administer a number of private and occupational vaccines in the Practice, including Tetanus, HPV, Shingles, Meningitis B and Hepatitis B. Please call our reception team if you would like further information on a vaccine or to discuss booking in. We may require time to order a vaccine in for you so please be aware appointments may need 48hours notice.

Pregnancy Vaccines

Any vaccines required during pregnancy can be administered in the Practice. These vaccines are given as per the HSE schedule. Please speak to your GP or Practice Nurse if you have any queries regarding vaccines while pregnant.


Covid 19 Vaccines

We are now offering Spring Booster Covid19 Vaccines. Eligibility must be confirmed prior to booking – patients aged 70 and over and those confirmed as immunocompromised by the HSE. Patients must be 6months from their last Covid19 vaccine. If you are eligible and would like to book please click here for booking site.

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