Complaints Policy

At Imokilly Medical Centre (IMC) we aim to provide and maintain a high standard of service and patient care. This includes Practice cleanliness, GDPR compliance, customer service from all staff and sensitivity towards patients and their families.

If at any stage you feel we have not met your standards and you wish to bring a complaint to our attention please note that we will deal with all complaints in a timely manner maintaining complete discretion. It is our policy to do our best to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible.

All complaints are taken seriously and handled appropriately, confidentially, and sensitively by our doctors, nurses, and administrative staff and any other healthcare providers working at this practice.

It is the policy IMC to safeguard the rights and dignity of all patients and staff members when implementing this policy.  We are committed to learning from any complaints, comments or suggestions made so that we may improve the care and service provided to our patients.

It is our policy that all complaints be made in writing to our Practice Manager, Noelle, by email or by post. Should your complaint be about our management team please address any complaints to Dr Mike Thompson. All complaints will be investigated, and we will inform you of the final position of the Practice relating to the complaint in writing within 14days of receipt.

IMC uses the English language, and we do not have the facility to offer medical services in other languages, unless expressly offered. Consequently, we can only address complaints raised in the English language, unless expressly agreed in advance.

 Anonymous Complaints

It is not possible to investigate anonymous complaints.  If you wish to raise a complaint with us, please follow the guidance set out in this document which is designed to address any complaints which may arise as early as possible.


If a complaint is made on behalf of a patient by someone else, IMC requires a signed consent from the patient, specifically appointing the complainant to raise the specific complaint with this practice.  In addition, the patient must separately confirm consent to the complainant being provided with information (which may contain otherwise confidential health care information and/or medical records) and/or response regarding the specific matter the subject of the complaint.