Men’s Health

At Imokilly Medical Centre we have a keen interest in all aspects of men’s health. The Wellman Consultation gives us a well-rounded overall picture of a patient’s current health. If, however you wish to investigate or discuss something more specific, such as vasectomy, mental health, etc; please contact our reception team to book in. We view all aspects of men’s health with equal importance so let us know how we can help.

Wellman Consultation

The Wellman Consultation is a comprehensive check up that we advise annually. The thorough appointment includes full bloods, an ECG, BP test, prostate exam etc. It takes about 30mins and results are generally available around 7 days later. The Wellman Consultation is €120 and is not covered by Medical Cards.

STI Checks

STI checks can be preformed in the Practice and are generally done by swabbing and blood tests. These appointments are not covered by Medical Cards and cost €75.

Semen Analysis

We can facilitate semen analysis for medical or fertility concerns. Please speak to your GP at your consultation to arrange.

Erectile Dysfunction

We can offer support and treatment options at what may be a sensitive time. Please speak to your GP at your consultation where we can discuss your options in complete confidence and refer to a recommended specialist if needs be.