Fee Listing

Consultation types:

Private GMS
Doctor Consultation €60 Covered
Extended Consultation (3+ issues/mental health) €100 €100
Samples taken in consult (bloods etc) +€10 +€10
Well Woman Consultation / Menopause Clinic €120 €120
Well Man Consultation €120 €120
Nurse Appointment €30-40 Covered
Independent Medical Assessment & Report €100 €100
Chronic Disease Consultation (GMS/DVC 70+) N/A Covered
Driver’s Licence Medical €60 €60
Pre-employment / Return to Work Medical €100 / €60 €100 / €60

Special Items of Service:

  Private GMS Private Ins.
Venesection (for Haemochromotosis) €70 Covered
Minor Surgery €100 €60
Cryotherapy €30-40 Covered
Joint injection €100 €100
Travel Consultation €60 €60
B12 Injection €20 €20
Suturing Lacerations (stitches) €70-100 Covered
Nebulisation +€10 Covered
24hour BP Monitor €60 Covered
ECG +€30 Covered
Spirometry +€30 +€30
Cervical Smear – Cervical Check No Charge No Charge
Cervical Smear – Private** €160 €160
Paediatric Bloods (Children under 8) €60 €60
STI Screening €75 €75
LARC (Implanon) removal/insertion/both €70/90/120

(Incl in Contraception Scheme if applicable)

Wound Dressing €30-60 €30-60
Mirena Coil (requires 3 visits) €60/210/30

(Incl in Contraception Scheme if applicable)

Partially Covered. Enquire


Private GMS
Childhood Immunisation Schedule No Charge No Charge
HPV €210 €210
Travel Vaccines Enquire Enquire
Pertussis No Charge (pregnancy) No Charge (pregnancy)
Influenza €20* Covered
Pneumococcus €20 Covered
Tetanus €30 Covered
Meningitis B (per vaccine)*2 €150 €150
Shingrex (Shingles) (per vaccines) *2 €225 €225
Varivax (Chicken Pox) (per vaccine)*2 €90 €90


Private GMS
Antenatal Schedule (as per HSE) No Charge No Charge
Bloods in Pregnancy No Charge* No Charge*
Harmony Test* €470 €470
Ultrasound Enquire within Enquire Within
Termination of Pregnancy No Charge (PPSN Required) No Charge (PPSN Required)


Private GMS
Letters/Certs Enquire Enquire
Social Welfare Certs Covered by DEASP Covered by DEASP
Medical Reports Enquire Enquire

Patients who hold a valid Medical Card (Full or GP Visit) are entitled to a wide range of medical services for free at point of care. However, please note that certain services are not covered or are only partly covered. These include:

  • Driver’s Licence Medicals
  • Insurance Claim Forms and Medicals
  • Pre-Employment or Return to Work Medicals
  • Medical-legal Reports
  • Assessments of Testamentary Capacity (or other legal issues)
  • Signing/Witnessing of documents
  • Passport Application Forms (or other identity reports)
  • Travel Consults & vaccines
  • Letters and certificates for schools, creche etc
  • Administration of vaccines not covered under the National Immunisation Scheme.
  • Examinations to participate in activities (e.g sporting events)
  • Bloods not under Chronic Disease Management
  • Joint injections
  • STI Screening

If you are unsure as to whether the service you require will incur a charge please phone the surgery in advance of your appointment.