Booster Vaccine Update

The following information is subject to change and is based on an announcement by Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly on 23/07/2022

Following new recommendations from NIAC (National Immunisation Advisory Committee) an additional booster vaccine will soon be available to more age groups. All patients aged over 50 will soon be offered an additional dose as will as vulnerable patients as listed below. At the moment we do not have guidelines as to when exactly this will be – but it will be some time this Autumn. We will contact all eligible patients when we have a date to begin, we will also update our website and Instagram page for those who are not registered with us. As usual our vaccine clinics will be in our Practice and will be run on an appointment only basis. If you are currently eligible (aged over 65) and wish to book you can contact us here. If you are not yet eligible we ask you to wait until the guidelines become official as we are not keeping a waiting list.

Additional Dose Vaccines available soon to those listed below:

2nd dose booster: All patients aged over 50, all healthcare workers, all pregnant women over 16weeks gestation. Anyone aged 12-49 listed as immunocompromised as per the HSE (list available here).

3rd dose booster: All patients aged 65 and over

1st dose booster: Children aged 5-11*, all adults are already entitled to a first booster dose if not already given.

Patients must be eligible as per criteria listed above and must also be within the recommended time frame for each vaccine. Currently this is 4months from last dose for adults and 6months from last dose for children. Patients can not have had Covid19 in this time.

*Children aged 5-11 are not currently able to get vaccinated at Imokilly Medical Centre – these vaccines are a different dosage and are only available from a HSE mass vaccine centre.