CCTV Now in Operation

As of 25th May 2022 there is now CCTV in operation in all public areas of our Practice. Public areas of the Practice include reception, the waiting room and the hallway. Patient treatments and consultations are never held in public areas of the Practice. The CCTV will not record sound so if you are at reception and you wish to discuss a sensitive topic or appointment your voice will not be recorded. The CCTV will not be broadcast publically for any reason. We are using the CCTV strictly for the protection of both staff and patients.

CCTV will never be used in clinical rooms

Clinical rooms will remain entirely confidential. As per our Privacy Policy there will never be a recording made of any type during a patient’s consultation with a GP or any other staff. We want to reassure all patients that the CCTV will not affect your confidentiality during any of your visits to our Practice. Should you wish to discuss this or if you have any concerns at all, please speak to reception.