Extended Consultations Available Now

Routine consultations in Imokilly Medical Centre are booked in for 15mins. We find this serves the vast majority of patients well (and tends to keep us on time!)

There may be occasions where you will need more time. For example, a mental health consult or if you have 3 or more issues. For this you would need to book an “Extended Consultation”.

This will give us adequate time to discuss your concerns safely and appropriately (without having a knock-on effect on our other appointments).

You may be asked to return for another appointment if you have not booked an extended consultation but need the time.

Extended Consultations are €100, will be booked for 30mins and are available to both private patients and medical card holders. Bloods and other samples will incur an additional charge of €10.

Extended Consultations are available to registered patients of Imokilly Medical Centre only and can be booked by phone, email or through our website ‘contact us’ page by clicking here.