Free Contraception for Women aged 17-25

Free contraceptive consultations to begin from Wednesday 14th September in GP Practices and Pharmacies across the country. Imokilly Medical Centre is delighted to offer this service to our patients. This new scheme covers the full cost of a contraception consultation and where necessary it will also cover the cost of fitting or removing various types of contraceptive devices (such as the coil or implant). Necessary contraceptive follow up appointments will also be covered. The full details of the scheme will be finalised in the coming weeks. Other items you may wish to discuss; such as bloods, referrals etc, are not covered by this scheme.

Imokilly Medical Centre are happy to offer Free Contraceptive Consultations from 14//09/2022

We are happy to begin to offer these appts to eligible women from the 14th before all details are fully confirmed but we ask patients to bear with us in the early days of this service roll out while the finer details are being finalised. Official updates on this service will be posted to Citizens Information once approved. For more information about contraception and what your options are, please consult the HSE website here.

UPDATE: Please see Sexual Wellbeing website for up to date information by clicking here.