HSE Cyber Attack

Services at Imokilly Medical Centre are temporarily affected by the recent cyber attack on the HSE. The attack happened on Thursday night/Friday morning (14/05/2021) and we expect the impact to last until at least Friday 21/05/2021. We are receiving regular updates from the HSE about what services are running and how we can work around the services that have shut down. Unfortunately this is out of our control but we will continue to update patients as soon as we get new information.

Affected Services

Affected services include anything that uses the HSE web service, this includes sending samples, receiving results and sending referrals. For GPs the main service impacted is sending blood samples to the lab. This service has been withdrawn temporarily unless an absolute emergency. We are rearranging any appointments that cannot be done, and hopefully will be back to normal as soon as possible. Covid-19 services are continuing without web referrals, please click here to see the HSE website with up to date information. If you are showing any symptoms which may be Covid-19 related please being to isolate immediately and call us for further instruction.