Prescription Review Appointments

In line with best medical practice and Irish Medical Council guidelines, a GP review is required every 6months for all long-term prescriptions*. We are happy to renew long term prescriptions without an appointment only if it is safe and appropriate to do so. You will be asked to attend an appointment before your script is issued if we have not seen you for a review within the past 6months. This includes GMS, DVC and private patients.

An appointment is required every time for acute prescriptions (such as antibiotics)

If you are requesting a new medication or an acute prescription you will need to attend an appointment. Acute prescriptions include short term items to treat infection, injuries and sudden onset conditions etc. For example; acute prescriptions include anti-biotics, pain medication, and steroids. If in doubt the safest option is to attend an appointment.

In the vast majority of cases we can facilitate a same-day appointment for acute consultations.

*Some long term prescriptions will only require a 12month review once stabilised. This includes HRT and contraception.