Newsletter February 24

After a very busy January we are settled in to the New Year and would like to thank you all for your support over such a busy winter season. We are back to normal following the flooding last October so we want to update you with some changes and introduce some of our policies for our newly registered patients.

1 – Extended Consultations available now. Routine consultations in Imokilly Medical Centre are booked in for 15mins. There may be occasions where you will need more time. For example, a mental health consult or if you have 3 or more issues. For this you would need to book an “Extended Consultation”. This will give us adequate time to discuss your concerns safely and appropriately (without having a knock-on effect on our other appointments). You may be asked to return for another appointment if you have not booked an extended consultation but need the time.

2 – Same day appointments are available most days for acute issues. This includes sudden onset illnesses, injuries, infections and more. Acute appointments will be accommodated with whichever Doctor is free on the day and will be booked in the earliest available slot. We respectfully ask that you do not use an acute appointment to discuss other issues as we try to keep these same day slots for urgent concerns.

3 – In line with best medical practice and Irish Medical Council guidelines, a GP review is required every 6months for all long-term prescriptions*. We are happy to renew long term prescriptions without an appointment only if it is safe and appropriate to do so. You will be asked to attend an appointment before your script is issued if we have not seen you for a review within the past 6months. This includes GMS, DVC and private patients.

4 – Mask wearing is no longer mandatory at Imokilly Medical Centre. We will continue to provide masks at reception for anyone who wishes to wear one and we would appreciate if any patient with respiratory symptoms would consider wearing one in the waiting room and for their appointment.

5 – We have recently updated our Bloods Policy, this is a guideline for how we will take appointments for patients requesting bloods and how you will get you results. The full Bloods Policy is available to any patient who would like to read it (as are all policies), if you would like to read the document in full, please contact Reception. In summary this policy states that bloods appointments will now be booked with a doctor. Nurse appointments for bloods can be made at the request of one of our doctors only. We will facilitate bloods appointments for Consultant Clinics but follow up care will remain the responsibility of the requesting Consultant. A hard copy of results can only be provided once reviewed by one of our clinical staff.