Noelle is now our Practice Phlebotomist

Noelle has now qualified as a Phlebotomist and will be available to take bloods for patients as approved by Dr Mike. The Phlebotomy training course included theory as well as practical training under direct medical supervision. Noelle will always be working with a Doctor on site for assistance as required. Noelle will also be available to fit and remove the 24hour blood pressure monitor and preform ECGs.

Who can book in with Noelle?

Noelle will be taking appointments as approved by a GP only. You will need to have a clinical need for the appointment,  so for 24hr monitor and ECG a GP’s consultation will be required first. Noelle will be doing regular, repeat bloods or bloods requested by a GP or Consultant only. If you are feeling unwell and would like your bloods checked you will need to book in with a GP. Noelle will not be doing paediatric bloods and will not be offering any advise based on your bloods – all results will be reviewed and passed on by a GP.